So how was it for you?

So this week saw the fourth ever #GBHour event and once again we were thrown in the slammer (Twitter jail).

Another lively, hectic and fast moving event with loads of old and new faces getting involved with some Great British networking fun.

This week #GBHour was sponsored by the amazing Kay Patterson @blurtsmum Founder UK Project Isabella Graphic Workshop who provided some superb and very entertaining pics for all to enjoy such as this one;

How you feel after #GBHour

Check out Kay’s website for lots more of the same and see what Project Isabella can do for you Also check out Kay’s blog at where she is undertaking a 30 Blog Challenge.

We hope you enjoyed today Kay and thanks for being a great sponsor.

As always we pick a winner of this weeks #GBHour to be our sponsors next week but before we do, let’s have a quick shout out to some great contributors today;







Thanks to all of the above and everyone else that took part today. It’s you guys that make #GBHour as popular as it is and without you we’d just be a lonely hashtag.

So who is the grand winner this week??? That honour goes to the  wonderful Say It With Chocolates @Siwchocolates Thank you so much for your contribution to #GBHour today and congratulations on your win. Hope you enjoy it next week.

Want to know what Say It With Chocolates Do? Check out the website here

Well it’s now one set all in the tennis, could be a late night for Mr. Murray. Come on Andy!

#GBHour is sponsored by @CompareMyMove Please give them a follow. Compare free removal quotes from your best local companies at

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