#GBHour 5th July Sponsored By Kay Patterson @BlurtsMum Project Isabella

Project Isabella Logo

It’s week 4 of #GBHour and don’t Fridays come around quickly!

We’re delighted to announce that our sponsor this week courtesy of last weeks #GBHour win is @blurtsmum of Project Isabella http://projectisabella.com/

Friday see’s Andy Murray aiming to reach the Wimbledon tennis final for the second year running. Lets hope he can go one step further this year and hold that trophy aloft on Sunday afternoon. Good luck Andy!!

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Last week during #GBHour we asked you all to get involved with plugging your own business as well as retweeting our tweets and each others. After the event we chose @blurtsmum as our winners and very well deserved it was.

Thanks to Kay and the rest of you in only the third week of #GBHour, we managed to get trending as high as number 5 in the UK so thanks to every one of you for that. Can we better it this week? If Andy is on Centre court between 4-5pm then maybe not but we’ll give it a good go right?

Thanks for supplying the Project Isabella logo Kay and lets hear a little about you.

Project Isabella

Kay Patterson, @blurtsmum is the Founder of Project Isabella Graphic Workshop http://projectisabella.com which is a startup business that develops graphics and digital art resources for others to use in commercial or personal ventures. Use is allowed on Print on Demand stores (such as Zazzle, Cafepress) which sets her apart from many other clip art suppliers but the business really pushes the boundaries in graphic marketing by offering free promotion to products created using their graphics and the stores that they are in, be it online or offline.

Project Isabella has developed and is developing a number of unique services which certainly need investigating by those who create handmade products. One of these is the ability to make commercial digital art products from images of handmade jewellery. This is a unique service and in early days of development but clearly something Kay herself is extremely enthusiastic about. Kay has recently found success in another twitter chat situation where she has sourced a jewellery collaboration in @BabylonBlu . Twitter chat, can and does work for business. You can learn more about Kay at her personal blog Impromptu Art http://kaypatterson.blogspot.com where she is undertaking a 30 Blog Challenge set by @_PVBOnline, another business contact she sourced through Twitter – it all goes on here at Twitter!
We know for a fact Kay is looking forward to the #GBhour and she has even made some pictures to prove it


#GBHour get there if you can


#GBHour hunt down new people to follow


How you feel after #GBHour

How you feel if you miss #GBHour

If you’ve got any questions, give Kay a tweet, she’d be more than happy to help @blurtsmum

Thanks for reading guys and we look forward to seeing you all at #GBHour 4-5pm today.

Don’t forget to retweet our tweets and you could be #GBHour sponsor next time.

This weeks #GBHour is brought to you by @GBHourFriday4pm powered by @CompareMyMove and sponsored by @blurtsmum

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